"People say they don’t want to pay for art because they don’t want to consume it. Well I don’t have a car and I don’t want to pay for your fucking road! But I do because I live in something called a society. And if you don’t want to live in a society, then move to the woods and build your own road and don’t ask me to pay for your road. Or your athletic center. Or anything else. If you care about what I’m into, I’ll care about what you’re into. Then we can live in something called society. If not, let’s collect rocks, and hide in a cave, and throw them at each other.

You constantly hear people come out and say, “I’m so sick of these artists with their hands out, asking for free handout from us!” Well you know what? I’m sick of all these people in the army asking for a handout from me. Go mine for gold and then buy your gun. Don’t ask me to go pay my taxes so you can shoot people. You’re not doing it in my name. It’s a factitious argument on the face of it.” — Torquil Campbell